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With the recents enhancements, the Load More button at the end of the lists has been replaced with automatic infinite scrolling. As you scroll through the data, it will seamlessly load without the need for you to click the Load More button, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience.

While configuring attributes for the Assessment Templates in the Sub-Section tab, you now have the option to set the Assessment Date to the Present Date/Today, and this will automatically populate as the default value. Note that you can modify it later based on your business requirements.

In the PDF reports for Asset Inspections, you can now view the External IDs associated with Notifications and Work Orders related to the inspection. This enhancement provides a better representation of the inspection details by including the External IDs for the respective Notifications and Work Orders.

While viewing and managing your Inspection Templates, you now have the option generate Summary Report only for fields with values present in them. This streamlines the process by focusing on relevant data, making it more efficient for your business requirements.

If a planning instruction generates multiple inspections for a single equipment, all the inspections can be viewed under the Inspection History section of the Inspection tab along with their inspection IDs. This provides you a comprehensive overview of the past inspections conducted for that specific equipment allowing you to easily track and understand the inspection history associated with the equipment.

Within the Asset Planning Instruction tab, you will now be able to view and access the Assessment ID alongside the Instruction ID. Clicking the Assessment ID will take you to the associated Asset Strategy. Additionally, you have the option to choose the Assessment that you want to associate with your Instruction from the options available in the dropdown. This enhancement makes it easier to manage and link Asset Strategies within the planning process.

In Asset Planning, it is now mandatory to fill in details for Expected Duration, Long Description, and Planning Assignments fields before you can Save and Publish an Instruction. This ensures that essential information is provided before finalizing and making the Instruction available, ensuring completeness and accuracy in the planning process.

A new des

New Feature of Function

  1. Matrix Plot tweaks
  2. Clone/Move CML Feature
  3. In Planning Queue, Add "Availability"
  4. Plan and Risk Report from Asset Planning App
  5. Persist section selection within Asset Strategy assessment
  6. Calculate Transition Date as well as Target Date
  7. Bulk Deactivation of Instructions
  8. AsInt Visualizer- Powered By PowerBI

Change to Feature or Function

  1. None Identified

Bugs corrected

  1. Within the Planning App, users could not browse by parent location. This was corrected.
  2. Within the Asset Strategy App, users could not export the Recommendations from the list view. This has been corrected.

Any known issues the new release may cause

  1. None Identified

Edit The Risk Matrix Tab in Asset Strategy Detail will draw a line between the Point on the matrix and the legend to the right when we hover over either of them.

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Support to Display one Qualitative and one Quantitative value to plot the point

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