A Higher Form of Asset Intelligence.

Mission, Values and Culture

For sustainable integrity and safety management.


AsInt’s mission is to provide innovative digital solutions to the Oil and Gas, PetroChemical, and Chemical Market. Providing thought leadership in digitization of key work processes to maintain assets. Always asking Why? What are the big challenges with the current approach? How can we bring value and do it better?


  • Relevance! We must earn your business every day. Developing and providing solutions that are relevant to our customers needs.

  • Customer connection. Understand the customers short, mid and long term objectives and pains to ensure our solutions can bring value.

  • It’s all about the experience. From the buying process, to package and delivery to support. AsInt will always strive to bring the best customer experience within the entire engagement process.



  • Pick ideas we feel AsInt can bring value.

    • Design for the modern age of software development, distribution and usage.

    • Hurry up and break something! Fail fast and fail often.

    • Take the idea so far based on whiteboard and SME (Subject Matter Expertise) knowledge. Work with a customer to incubates and ensure the solution brings value.

    • We strongly believe in the Agile Manifesto which provide a set of values to create products from. They are:

      • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

      • Working software over comprehensive documentation

      • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

      • Responding to change over following a plan


  • Actions towards customers and colleagues should never cross ethical lines, nor be disrespectful.

  • Create a culture of out of the box thinkers, the only dump question is the one not asked.

  • Challenge everything.

  • Be respectful to colleagues and customers. No person wants to work with a jerk. Disrespectful people create toxic environments that counteract collaboration and innovation.

  • There’s no room for discrimination at any level.