A Higher Form of Asset Intelligence.

Strategic Alliances

AsInt has formed these below Strategic Alliances to ensure we can offer a complete turnkey solution to our customers.

SAP Partner Edge

With its innovative and cutting-edge technology, AsInt’s strategic alliance with SAP is revolutionizing asset integrity management. As an independent software vendor (ISV) partner, AsInt has seamlessly integrated its powerful software within the SAP platform, which provides us the capability to rapidly design, develop, and commercialize our applications on the SAP Cloud Platform. This benefits our clients with latest technological advancements and unparalleled asset integrity solutions. From risk assessment to predictive maintenance, our integrated solutions provide a comprehensive framework to safeguard your assets and optimize operational performance.

As we embark on this collaborative journey, the strategic alliance between AsInt and SAP promises to redefine the landscape of asset integrity solutions. Come and explore the endless possibilities that arise from this powerful partnership.

Sentinel Integrity Solutions

Sentinel Integrity Solutions is a key player in the petrochemical inspection industry. With this partnership we have paved the way for the development of groundbreaking applications, exemplified by our CORE CUI and CORE Turnaround solutions. The collaboration of AsInt’s technological prowess with Sentinel’s unparalleled field execution knowledge, results in software solutions that redefine the landscape of asset management.

Through this collaboration, our clients gain access to industry-leading expertise in API Inspection activities and various basic and advanced NDE techniques. This ensures that inspection plans are executed with precision and proficiency, backed by Sentinel’s in-depth knowledge and experience. 


AsInt’s strategic alliance with Ideo, a trailblazer in service and asset management for over 25 years, blends decades of expertise. Ideo’s legacy in service and asset management serves as a testament to their commitment to addressing specific challenges with precision and expertise. This partnership is a turning point in how industries approach to challenges, focusing on a tailored approach that is beyond generic solutions. With this alliance, we aim to make a meaningful impact, providing tailored solutions that bring value to our clients and contribute to their growth.

In Ideo’s own words – Ideo has been notable in service & asset management for more than 25 years. Helping everyone is helping no one and that is why we choose your niche and specific challenges. Our people get energy from helping people within their technical environment. This way we can grow together, as employees, but above all as people.