A Higher Form of Asset Intelligence.

AsInt Digital Wall Chart

Manager Only Roles in Turnaround is throwing error at API level causing everyone to be set to Read/Write Admin status. This was corrected, users can now be set to read-only with no issue.

  1. The solution will now be hosted on Amazon Web Services, no impact to the user, just a different URL to log into. All of your data will also be migrated.
  2. The Digital Wall chart is now integrated with the AsInt and SAP IAM (Intelligent Asset Management) Launch Pad. Showing the other AsInt and SAP IAM Apps are not enabled by default, therefore, the user experience will not change.
  3. Bug Fix – When exporting the data to MS Excel for Activities, Equipment, or Scope, any date values are exported in a text value. This causes an issue when bulk importing the data from back end, the user receives an error – this is not a valid date or date is missing.
  4. Bug Fix – The Equipment Area is not a required field when defining a piece of Equipment either via the Administrator -> Equipment App, or via the Bulk Import utility. However, when adding an Equipment to the Turnaround there is logic checking the Area to see if the Equipment/Area combination was already added. If the Area is Null or Empty, the code fails and does not present the user with a list of Equipment to choose from.
  5. Bug Fix – When adding an IWR activity from the wall chart Activity pop up, after tapping save you get the three dots hour glass. No data is lost.
  6. Bug Fix – When importing from MS Excel Equipment data, if the Equipment Name is all numeric values, the import process states is must be of type string.
  7. Bug Fix – The Equipment Category Completeness graph shows any activities added after the Turnaround Start Date as “Remaining”. This is a code bug.
  1. Shows initials on Wall Chart if the Activity was marked as “In-Progress”.
  2. Shows the Date Completed on Wall Chart of “mm/dd” instead of “dd/mm”.
  3. In addition to the Description of the Activity, users can now add Comments.

When defining or updating activities users can define “Tags” to filter the wall chart data. Use this feature to define a group of activities for “Discovery”, or “Maintenance”, or “QC” for example.

In the Adminstrator detailed activity form, you can see in this image where multiple tags have been defined.

You can also bulk load the tags via the MS Excel workbook. You can separate the tags with a comma if there are more that one to load.

Once tags are defined, you can filter for the tags and only display the activities associated with the tag you are querying for. For example, “show me everything that is marked as “Discovery””. The KPI’s, or status tab, also filters.

Using this feature, user can add Documents or Images for the activities or work requests.

When the user adds the Document or Image to the Activity or Work Request, the document will show on the “attachments” tab of the wall chart.

The attachments can be searched, downloaded, and viewed against the Activity or Work Request.

In Administrator App, users can now Activate or Deactivate one or all activities associated with the equipment.

Tap to Enlarge

View the Owner/User ID, as well as the Owner/User description while creating new equipments.

Additionally, on the upload sheet the user will now see “Owner/User” instead of “Operator”. This is the key value that allows the user to assign the Equipment to an Owner/User.

By default, the KPI categories are collapsed. Users can expand on with the upper right buttons.

A new KPI that shows the number of activities completed by user.

Scope vs Status shows the count of equipment per equipment category, as well as the number of activities complete, in-progress, and number of work requests. Users can modify the graph by removing aggregations, adding aggregations, and filtering by tag.

Planned vs Actual will plot an estimated number of activities spread out over the length of the turnaround, this is the blue line. The orange line is the actual aggregated activities complete. This is the traditional project S-Curve.

Within the Administrator tile, now when the user changes data and attempts to move off of the form without saving, the user will be prompted to save or cancel.

When viewing the Work Requests dedicated tab on the wall chart, the user can Sort By, Filter By, and Group By the “IR” (Work Request) list.

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