A Higher Form of Asset Intelligence.

SAP Master Data to manage a Mechanical Integrity program

SAP Master Data to manage a Mechanical Integrity program


Operators need to manage critical data about the asset across the various life cycle states of FEED (Front End Engineering and Design), construction, installation, in-service, and decommission. The information is used for repair and replacement, but also used to understand the current and future state of the asset to address safety, environmental, and production risks.


The data typically required for asset management include design, construction, process, risk and predictive Information, inspection, maintenance, and other condition assessments.

Most of this data currently exists in non-structured data such as hard copies, PDF files, or structured data such as MS Excel sheets or internally developed databases. In some cases, the operator will have purchased commercially available Off-The-Shelf (OTS) solutions to store the data in a structured and query able format.

All of these circumstances more than likely result in siloed data causing barriers to people responsible for aggregating the information. Preventing them from making tactical and strategic decisions in managing the physical asset to avoid safety, environmental, or production related incidents.


The SAP Master Data provides operators great flexibility and power to define the necessary data attributes and organize them into templates and models. The asset can also be physically represented in a rich asset taxonomy with Locations, Systems, and Groups.

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The recent innovations with SAP Asset Intelligence Network have been extended to assessment templates for various analysis.



By utilizing a single dataset based on the SAP Master Data, users of the information:

  • Will be able to connect-the-dots of the critical variables and events that occur on the asset.
  • Reduce IT and labor costs of managing multiple, and often lapping, data sources.
  • Provide a sustainable solution overtime.
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Template driven Asset or Location Datasheet

Template driven Asset or Location Datasheet

Users can define one or more templates to the Location or Asset.