A Higher Form of Asset Intelligence.

Licensing Questions

The SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) suite, inclusive of

Is licensed in an annual fee per “device”. Think of the “device” as a piece of equipment, such as an exchanger, pipe, or rotating asset.

The license is authorized in blocks of 100 devices. Therefore if you purchase 1 block, you license 100 “devices” (or equipment). If you purchase 100 blocks, you license 10,000 “devices” (or equipment).

For further reading on licensing, click here.

For SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) Suite, the pricing will change, so definitely check this website for later pricing. Also, keep in mind the more “devices” you purchase (see above for explanation), the cheaper it gets.

For a working example, let’s take the SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM).

  • 10,000 equipment will be 10k USD per year. (100 blocks of 100 devices)

  • 20,000 equipment will be 20k USD per year. (200 blocks of 100 devices)

  • 50,000 equipment will be 46.8k USD per year (500 blocks of 100 devices)

The AsInt RBI and Inspection (IDMS) Apps extend the SAP ASPM suite, therefore you will need this in order to run the AsInt Apps. Generally, the AsInt Apps are 50% the costs of the SAP ASPM solution.

Use Case 1: For a pure Inspection need, inclusive of Thickness Management, you need:

Use Case 2: For Risk Based Inspection (RBI), you need:

Use Case 3: To utilize telemetry data, or time series data, and set thresholds (Integrity Operating Window, Vibration data, etc..).