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Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS)

A structured approach that outlines the safety-related standards and criteria, ensuring risk mitigation of personnel, equipment, and the project.

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Prevents Accidents and Operational Failures
Identify potential hazards with the help of SRS and specify safety features and systems to avoid accidents, incidents, and operational failures. Not doing so could lead to severe consequences for personnel, assets, and the environment.
Safety Compliance
SRS provide a structured approach which ensures that safety requirements are met. This helps organizations comply with safety regulations, industry standards, and legal obligations. They serve as a base demonstrating your adherence to the rules.
Emergency Response Procedures
It is crucial to have actions and plans predefined for your organization to address any unexpected or critical situation that might affect the integrity of its assets. This is essential in protecting your assets and preventing potential harm.
Design constraints and criteria
Design constraints and criteria that need to be considered during the design and implementation of the safety function. These constraints could be related to factors such as cost, space limitations, or compatibility with existing systems.
Verification and validation requirements
Outlines the requirements for verifying and validating the safety function. It may specify the type of testing, analysis, or assessment that needs to be performed to ensure the safety function meets the specified requirements.
Documentation and reporting
Guidelines for documentation and reporting throughout the safety lifecycle. It ensures that relevant information is captured, recorded, and communicated to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

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