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Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

A quantitative risk assessment method to determine the safety enhancements required in a process control system such as Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) to minimize the risk factors.

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Emergency Response Planning
SILs are linked to emergency response plans, ensuring that appropriate actions are taken in the event of a safety instrumented function failure or process upset.
Safety Layers
SILs are usually associated with various layers of protection, where each layer contributes to risk reduction. Along with this, SIL helps you determine the number of safety layers required to achieve reduced levels of risk.
Asset Safety
SILs are essential for ensuring the safety and integrity of critical assets and systems. They help in identifying safety functions which require protection against specific hazards or failure modes.
Trip Reporting
Documenting and reporting the occurrences of trips or activations of safety instrumented functions (SIFs) or safety systems.

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