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Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

A semi-quantitative risk assessment tool used in the field of process safety to identify and evaluate layers of protection that can prevent or mitigate the consequences of hazardous events.

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Hazard Analysis
Identify and characterize potential hazards and hazardous events within a given process or operation. By categorizing hazardous events based on risk levels, prioritize which events require immediate attention and resources for risk reduction efforts.
Independent Protection Layers
Identify and evaluate the independent protection layers or safety barriers in place to prevent or minimize hazardous events. These IPLs can include safety systems, alarms, operating procedures, safety instrumented systems (SIS), relief valves, and more.
Consequence and Frequency Analysis
Assesses the potential consequences and frequency of identified hazardous events, considering factors like personnel safety, environmental impact, asset damage, and business interruption. This helps you in analyzing the effectiveness of each protection layer.

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