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High Consequence Area (HCA)

A high consequence area (HCA) is a place where a pipeline spill may have larger negative impact on the general public or the environment. Pipeline operators must calculate HCA’s, or High Consequence Areas, every 5 years.

Product Features

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High Consequence Analysis algorithms
All of the calculations are visible to the end user allowing them to understand the impacts of the inputs to the model. This ensures there is no "black box" to the engineer running the assessment.
HCA Algorithms
HCA Geospatial Impact
Visualization of release impact area on a map
Visualize the impact of a release radius on a map. This allows the user to determine impacts to houses, crossways, waterways, and other high consequence areas exist.
Customizable risk matrix
A corporate risk matrix could be configured, or use the AsInt provided matrix. Risk matrices are important to allow the users to prioritize risk and associated recommendations that are turned into Notifications and Work Orders.
HCA Risk Matrix
HCA Inputs
Configurable templates
Inputs to the mathematical model are configurable via templates. AsInt ships with templates, but users can create or modify their own as well. As new versions of the regulatory regime are introduced, templates can be versioned to track past legacy assessments.

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