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Data Conduit

An MS Excel plug-in for SAP Cloud Master Data Management, Data Conduit is a convenient way to handle data more efficiently with an emphasis on reliability, security, and productivity.

Product Features

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Security through SAP BTP or LDAP
Login is based on your SAP IAM (Intelligent Asset Management) suite credentials. This could be LDAP or SAP Cloud ID service
Data Conduit Login
MS Excel Plug In
MS Excel Plug-In
Add in within MS Excel. Allows the user to “Pull” and “Push” the data based on the Application you want to manage.
Allows the user to: Fetch the data from your tenant based on search criteria. Assign and work with Templates. Validate prior to “Pushing”, or committing the data back to your tenant, Saving, or “Pushing” the data.
Validation of Data
Validation of Data
Real time validation based on data types, required fields, drop downs, etc… Ensures data integrity.
Indicators of Data Changes
Indicators that let the user know if the information has changes or committed back the tenant.
Indicators or Data Change

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