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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Prioritize the inspection plan based on the prediction of failure versus the traditional time-based or condition-based inspection plan to improve reliability and safety while reducing unplanned outages and repair costs.

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Optimized Inspection Planning
Optimize inspection schedules by considering the condition and risk of the assets to ensure that high-risk equipment is thoroughly examined. It minimizes unnecessary inspections of low-risk assets, leading to cost savings in terms of personnel, equipment, and resources.
RBI - Planning
Extended Asset Life
Extended Asset Life
By identifying potential issues and risks at an early stage, RBI helps you extend the life of assets. Well-maintained and regularly inspected assets tend to perform better, contributing to overall operational efficiency and productivity.
Customized Inspection Plans
Customizing inspections allows for the efficient allocation of resources, directing them to where they are required, thus reducing unnecessary costs. With targeted inspections, improve asset reliability and minimize unplanned downtime.
RBi - Customized Planning

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