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Tabs across the top are based on the Asset Category

The tabs across the top of the Wall Chart and built dynamically based on the unique Asset Categories included in the scope of the Turnaround. The are shown in alphanumeric order from left to right.

At the end, or right side of the Wall Chart, three tabs of Status, Work Requests, and Timeline will be added.

Column order are based on picklist group order

Column headers are based on the “Component Groups” in the Turnaround Settings Picklist tab.

In the below example, “Readiness” is at the top of the Picklist over “Drum”, “Drum” is at a higher order that “RBI”, “RBI” is at a higher order than “Closure”, and “Closure” is at a higher order than “Report”.

The below is the matching example in the Turnaround Settings Picklists that matches the above column headers.

NOTE: If the below Picklist, if the “Component Group” does not apply the Asset Category, it will be skipped when creating the columns. For example, in the below Picklist there is “Exchanger” and “Shell” you do not see as part of the “Drum” above.

Filtering the Wallchart

By default, the user sees the entire set of data on the Wall Chart. However, in some cases, the user may want to narrow down the results of the Wall Chart by “Filtering” the results.

In addition to filtering the results of the Wall Chart, the user can save the filter for use next time they login. A few notes to the filtering:

  1. Filters are per User and cannot be shared for now.

  2. Filters are per Turnaround (e.g. if you have access to more than one Turnaround, you will have to set up different filters).

  3. All of the data is “searchable” to set filters on, there should be no limit.

Follow the steps below to execute and save a filter.

Start by clicking the filter button on the bottom right bar

Start by typing what you want to filter for

NOTE: You can perform an advanced filter by clicking the chevron on the far right of the search bar.

As you type, the data that matches the search will appear

Click the Magnifying glass on the right of the search bar to filter the results

The results are filtered based on the criteria selected

Click the Save button to provide the filter a name

To retrieve the saved filters, click the menu on the upper right of the Wall Chart

By click the chevron, you will see a list of saved filters you can access

NOTE: The filters can be deleted using the Trashcan icon on the right of the Wall Chart.

Closure Rules (green, yellow, red)

Tabs are based on the Asset Category, then Status, Work Requests, and Timeline are added to the end.

Column, or Group, headers, are dictated by the Group order in the Turnaround Picklist Settings.