Available On and Offline

No matter of you're connected to the internet or not, the App still works.

Adaptive Layout

Works on the various iPhone and iPad platforms.

RESTFul Service

A set of backend API's in the form of HTTP URL's that allow for the App to store your data to the AsInt backend database or your database.

Multi-Lingual Data Entry and Field Labeling

Allows for you to type and store in all of the languages supported by the iOS device. Allows you to Alias the fields names in your preferred language.

Log of all changes

In the background, all data changes are recorded.

User and Data Management

Allows you to share your data with users of the App if you grant them permission.

Date Display Formats

Universal Date Display of "Jan 16, 2018" to ensure there is no confusion between mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy.