Table of contents

Accessing the Timeline

All Turnaround data changes (Add, Updates, Deletes) are recorded and displayed as a log within the Timeline of the Wall Chart. This can be access from the Timeline tab associated with the Wall Chart.

The Timeline is accessed by the navigating through Manager -> Select the Turnaround of interest -> Select the “Timeline” tab.

Items that appear in the Timeline

The table below is a list of the data changes that will trigger an entry into the Timeline.

Searching the Timeline

All text can be searched within the Timeline using the search input box. Type any text and hit enter. This will search all data in the Timeline, including the person who made the update, equipment names, activity names and descriptions, etc…and the Timeline will be filtered for the value searched.

The text search is not case sensitive.

A below is an example of the Timeline search capability searching for the term “scrubber”, notice it returned a results of a Timeline entry with “Scrubber”.

Viewing Details of the Timelines changes

By clicking the “Detail” of each Timeline entry, you will see the Old and New Value of what was changed in the Application.

In the below example, it shows the Work Request Status changes from “None” to “Completed”.

Viewing the Imports in the Timeline

When data is uploaded in mass using the spreadsheet import function, it will be shown as a Paperclip in the Timeline as shown below.

Additionally, you can download the import sheet that was used during the bulk import.