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The AsInt Inspection App is designed to streamline and enhance your inspection processes, providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for managing all aspects of mechanical integrity. With an emphasis on ease of use and powerful features, this app ensures that your inspections are thorough, accurate, and efficient.

Product Features

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Easy Login Process
Seamlessly access the app with a simple and secure login process, ensuring a quick start.
Easy Login Process
Multi-Tenant Switching
Offline Capabilities
Perform inspections without the need for a network connection. Simply note down calculations and readings, add images, and save your work. Sync your data to the BTP layer once you are back online, ensuring no data is lost.
Multi-Tenant Switching
Effortlessly switch between different tenants with just a single click, allowing for versatile and flexible usage across multiple environments.
Multi-Tenant Switching (2)
Inspection Management
Inspection Management
Create, view, and add inspections directly from the mobile app. You can upload attachments, view, and add Condition Monitoring Location (CML) readings, and access checklists. Apart from this, you can also manage maintenance tasks on the go.
Findings and Notifications
Create findings and notifications directly from the app, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. Stay informed and up to date with real-time alerts and notifications, keeping your team on track.
Findings and Notifications
Enhance your inspection process by utilizing the attachment feature, allowing you to upload images and documents directly within the app. This capability ensures that you can provide comprehensive feedback and detailed evidence of your inspection work. Whether it's a photo of a specific mechanical part or a document outlining maintenance protocols, attaching files to your inspections streamlines communication and improves the accuracy of your reports.
Condition Monitoring Locations
This feature enables you to add precise readings for specific inspection points. By recording these readings, you gain critical insights into the condition of your equipment and infrastructure. The CML functionality ensures that you can systematically monitor and track the performance and integrity of various components, helping you to identify potential issues before they become major problems. This feature is integral to maintaining the highest standards of mechanical integrity and ensuring the longevity and reliability of your assets.
Work Pack Assignments 2
Work Pack Assignments
From the Fiori Users application, create workback assignments for registered users on AsInt Mobile application. This capability streamlines the inspection process, allowing you to efficiently manage your assigned tasks directly from the mobile devices.

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