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AsInt Launches Core Calculator: A Revolutionary Tool for Integrity Engineers, Risk Analysts, and Maintenance Engineers
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AsInt Core Calculator is now available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. Click on the icon to download the app.


AsInt is proud to announce the launch of its latest application, Core Calculator. This cutting-edge tool is designed to meet the complex needs of Integrity Engineers, Risk Analysts, and Maintenance Engineers, offering a comprehensive suite of functionalities to enhance mechanical integrity management.

Introducing Core Calculator

Now with a more powerful application, Core Calculator allows users to calculate Minimum Thickness (Tmin) for different geometries in pressure vessels, piping, and tanks. With additional features like pipe chart lookup and corrosion rate calculations, AsInt Core Calculator is the go-to choice for inspectors and asset integrity enthusiasts.

Premium Features

  • Materials Lookup | Quickly Identify the Required Materials and Specifications for Construction


With the Materials Lookup feature, access comprehensive and up-to-date information on construction materials. It provides quick and reliable access to material standards, specifications, and grades for your projects, ensuring precise calculations and simplifying complex assessments.

Key Features:

    • Identify required materials without manual searches, saving valuable time.
    • Access an extensive database of materials, including Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, and Allowable Stress at temperature.
    • Rely on accurate and up-to-date data to ensure project integrity.
    • Enhance inspection strategies by incorporating comprehensive material information, reducing the likelihood of material failures.
    • Stay aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements through precise material specifications.


  • Damage Mechanism Screener | Identify Probable Damage Mechanisms for Equipment


Damage Mechanism Screener helps identify damage mechanisms and calculate corrosion rates with precision. Leveraging the latest methodologies from API 571, it offers a seamless and intuitive interface for accurate assessments of damage mechanisms and corrosion susceptibilities.

Damage Mechanism Screener allows you to:

    • Conduct precise assessments of damage mechanisms and corrosion rates.
    • Gain access to specialized knowledge and industry best practices, enhancing inspection capabilities.
    • Quickly identify and evaluate damage mechanisms, saving time and resources in inspection processes.
    • Rely on trusted methodologies and extensive reference materials to ensure valid findings.



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