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When to create an Owner/User

You will want to create an Owner/User when you want to create a single organization, such as a company, that you could have one or more Turnarounds assigned too. An example is:

  • Chemical Company XYZ

    • Turnaround Fall 2018

    • Turnaround Spring 2020

    • etc..

Dependency steps prior to creating Owner/User

The only dependency required to create a new Owner/User is to have access to the application.

Steps to create an Owner/User

Navigate the below steps to create a new Owner/User.

NOTE: By default, whoever creates the Owner/User will be the first user of the Owner/User and can further add additional users if required.

Select the Administrator Tile

Select the Owner/User card

Click the “+” button to add a new Owner/User

After creating the Owner/User, you can further edit the description and/or add additional users to the Owner/User