Inspection Summary (view and create new)

You can view existing Inspections, but also use this view to create new Inspections by clicking the "+" button.

Info - Type and Background infot

Basic information such as Description, Inspector, Type, Date of Inspection, Certificates, Approver, Approval Required. Additionally, if User Defined fields have been created for Inspection Type, they will show here.

Form - Checklist Summary

If a Checklist is defined for the Inspection Type, you will see the checklists when you expand the list.

Form - Checklist Detail

When you select a specific checklist, you can further navigate to the item to record Condition, Findings, Priorities, Recommendations, Comments, and Photos.

Form - Locations Summary

If any Locations are defined against the Asset, they will show here if they are set as "Active" locations on the Location summary view.

Form - Location Detail

When you select a specific location here, you can further record readings in Metrics or Imperial here. Additionally, you can record photos of the location.

Form - Counts

If counts are defined against the Inspection Type, they are shown here.


Summary is the location where you can record the summary of the inspection, scope, findings, and recommendations in long text format.


Photos is where you as a user can select existing photos from the your phone or tablet, or take a new photo with your camera and store it against the inspection.

Print the Inspection Report on your device to a PDF.