AsInt's proven CUI methodology combined with real time data allow for consistency and optimal performance across global facilities.


Application BENEFITS

The benefits of the AsInt CUI App provide operators the ability to identify and track CUI across an enterprise, reduce downtime, avoid failures, pass audits, while putting a sustainable CUI program in place.

A phased approach to walk an inspector through the identification and mitigation of CUI is key to the software application.  The phased approach, utilizing what we have called a “CUI Traveler™”, allows the end user to track the progress as it “travels” through the workflow process. This standardized approach can be seen in the below diagram. Note how the traveler can drop out of the process if CUI has not been identified or has been mitigated, therefore allowing the user to analyze and focus resources where CUI is most likely to occur, funneling the damaged mechanism into a manageable bucket.

The benefits of the CUI App are realized through the consistent workflow to identify, mitigate, and manage CUI (carbon steel, stainless, or corrosion under fire proofing) over time.  This allows for a sustainable CUI program that brings continuity over a 5, 10, and 15 year period of time while the embedded codes, standards, and practices assist the end user along the journey.