Our CUI application is the culmination of years of CUI experience and execution of countless CUI projects.

AsInt announces the release of our first application, a CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) software solution available within the AsInt cloud or customers on-premise IT environment.

Using API (american petroleum institute) embedded codes, we identify and track CUI across your organization.

CUI locations can be unpredictable and left to its own devices can cause serious and/or catastrophic consequences. However, existing software solutions available on the market are not fit for purpose to handle the complex identification, mitigation, planning, and data management functions necessary to properly address CUI.  Given the lack of a viable software solutions, most operators have turned to MS Excel to manage their CUI program.

Because of the unique challenges CUI presents to operators and the lack of viable solutions on the market, AsInt has worked closely with CUI experts and experiences API inspectors to develop and prove the CUI solution over the last three years.

A study by ExxonMobil* Chemical in 2003 showed 81% of pipe leaks occur in diameters smaller than 4 inches and 40% to 60% of facility pipe maintenance costs are related to CUI.  Working with API certified inspectors extensively experienced in CUI management and mitigation programs, AsInt has developed a software application to help focus limited resources while mitigating risks, costs, and thru wall failures.


We'd be happy to provide you a live demo of AsInt's CUI Application. Contact Us.