Add new Equipment from Asset Library

Add new Assets for you to store locations and inspections. Assets are generic and new types can be defined in the Application Settings.

Display Asset Group ISO-14224 settings on Asset Library

Navigate your Asset registry using the ISO 14224 standard such as Organization or Site.

Asset by Group

Allows you to browse for an Asset based on the ISO 14224 level such as Unit, Plant, or Organization.

Expanding the Groups to find an asset

Once you choose to browse the asset by a certain group, this feature allows you to further drill down to find the asset within the group.

Recent Assets

The latest 10 assets edited or created will be displayed in your "Recent Assets" list.

You can naviage to the Asset locations and inspections based on the Recent Asset list.

Reorder ISO 14224 hierarchy on Asset Library

Allows you to customize the hierarchy order that is shown on the Asset Library.

View/Edit Equipment from View by Group

Allows you to navigate to the Asset from the Group By view.

View/Edit Equipment from "Recent Assets"

Allows you to navigate to the Asset from the "Recent Assets".

Asset Detail fields that are available"

Data fields that are available to edit against the Asset.

Search on Assets by Group

If you are using the "Group by" option, you can further Search for the specific asset you are looking for by name, category, sub category, or description.

Delete Asset on Assets by Group

You can choose to delete the Asset by clicking the red dash button.

Print the Assets loaded on your device to a PDF.