AsInt and trinity bridge partnership

AsInt is pleased to formally announce a unique partnership that will change how our industry manages Mechanical Integrity. The solutions on the market today have begun to shift their focus to things like IIoT, big data and analytics leaving their core user base to develop and implement the basic workflow supporting functionality. AsInt is renewing the focus of mechanical integrity software on functionality and usability, committed to closing the gaps that many end users have been talking about for years.

Partnering with Trinity Bridge ensures that our software solutions provide the very latest in API RP 581 technology and provides users the access to end-to-end technical services supporting the implementation of and maintenance of your programs. Together, AsInt and Trinity Bridge have the in-depth knowledge of 581 and over 20 years of experience implementing and managing RBI programs as well as the skills for managing data and designing tools to make your RBI program successful.

AsInt is changing the way people develop, deliver and access software for the oil and gas industry. Our goal is to create a full suite of applications that meet a range of asset integrity needs no matter the platform. The software is accessible via app stores and is a fit for purpose ease of use software.

The partnership with Trinity Bridge and one of its principals, Lynne Kaley, will make the otherwise complex risk assessment and inspection planning algorithms outlined in API RP 581 3rd edition, simplified through a very intuitive graphical user interface fully imbedded in your SAP application. Lynne stated that “this partnership is consistent with our ongoing effort to make the API RP 581 methodology understood and available as widely as possible in the worldwide market”. But this is only the starting point, while the development of this solution is underway there are several other collaborative solutions being discussed between Trinity Bridge and AsInt. Stay tuned for more information on complementary products.

AsInt is very thankful for this partnership and believes in the value it will provide to our customers. Jarret Reeves, the AsInt CTO and Chairman stated, “With regards to RBI technology, our customers will demand the best models and subject matter expertise with global recognition, there is only one person we could think of that meets this requirement, Lynne Kaley.”

For those of you that may not know Lynne Kaley, allow me to give you a few highlights:

  • Recognized internationally as an industry expert

  • Pioneered the development the 581 technology in 1993

  • Develops and provides RBI training for the industry

  • Implementer of the risk-based inspection for refining and the petrochemical industries

  • Sponsored the API RBI User Group from 1996-2009

  • Master editor for both API RP 580 Third Edition (Risk-Based Inspection) and API RP 581 Third Edition (Risk-Based Inspection Methodology)


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