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Where to access the application

NOTE: The application requires an internet connection.

The application is accessible via connected browsers. For access to the application, click here. If you would like to copy and paste the full URK, it can be found below:

When accessing the URL, you will be prompted with the following login screen.

Dependency Steps before Logging in

  1. Create your SAP ID

  2. Have a computer, tablet, or phone with a browser or internet connection. For a list of supported browsers, click here.

  3. Have access to one of the Owner/Users stored in the application. Work with an Administrator of the Owner/User. If you do not know who this person is, email and we will get back to you soon with the contact person.

Supported Browsers

The App can be accessed from many browsers, they include the below. Other browsers are supported, but not tested. The application requires an internet connection.

  1. Safari Desktop and Safari Mobile Browser

  2. Microsoft IE

  3. Microsoft Edge

  4. Google Chrome

  5. Firefox